Monday, July 13, 2009

So we had a great fourth and were excited to have Daves brother Abel out from Philly for a couple of days. He went to the fireworks with us and we showed him a little of the Dells. Then this last weekend we headed up to Adams for Meagans baptism and birthday party. We all had alot of fun. I am so loving being on part time. It is so nice to be able to be with the kids in the morning. Our garden is coming along really nice. we have zucchini, beans, spinach and tomatoes that are either fully ready or close to being. Isabella is my official assistant weeder. She loves helping out with it although it usually only lasts in spurts of 10 minutes and then she is done. We have all been really missing having Eva around. She is back on the road and comes around about every two weeks for a couple of days. This last Friday she took the kids all day and they spent the night up at grandmas and grandpas. She really misses seeing Johnny discover all the new things that babies learn to do. He has started scooting all over the place now. Saturday he actually got up on his knees but didn't seem too interested in moving in that position. He is almost 8 months now. Davey Boys new phrase of the week is "Are you Ok " and " It's a emergency" I'm not quite sure where he learned them from but he sure sounds cute saying them. Isabella has 4 loose teeth. Some a little looser than others. For her sake I sure hope that she doesn't Loose them all at the same time. She still as yet to have her 2 front teeth reappear. They have been out since Easter.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I was sent this video and it is really powerful information about keeping us healthy and gives some good ideas to reduce toxins in our home.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Due to Mary's repeated reminders ...I know an update is way over due

we went strawberry picking, almost 40 lbs worth we brought home. Yummmmmmy. We made a bunch of Jam thanks to mary helping us. Thanks Mary!!!!
The kids love our garden. Tomatoes,jalepenos, Corn, carrots, green onions, peas,beans, rhubarb,zucchini, cucumbers,spinach, lettuce, and asparugus. This is the first year and we are all so excited to see how it turns out.

look mom no teeth

During the last couple of months Isabella had her end of school presentaion. Good by kindergarten...moving on to first grade. Johnny has now turned 7 months.Davey boy has been keeping us all busy and all is going well with us.

I have now gone to part-time and my hours are 11:00-4:00. with a little work I'm looking foward to completting my goal of being a Full-time mom to my children. I really look forward to my time with them at home when I'm at work and can't wait for my goal to be completed
All of the kids are growing so much.
isabelaa is to the tothe right of the kid with the green fish.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Isabella had a great birthday. She was so happy to have all her cousins there. here are some pics of her turning 6. Thank you especially Mama, becca, Mary, and Eva for helping me set up the food and the house. You were life savers.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So we got my first check yesterday. I was really happy with how much I made. It definitely puts me closer to my goal of staying home with the kids. I've been really happy to hear so many positive reviews from you guys. I'm so glad that you like the products. Johnny is now 4 months old and although he isn't quite as far along as Marlee (his cousin 3 days older then him) We are really happy with the way he is progressing. He laughs and laughs at the antics of the 2 older kids and Davey Boy just adores his little brother. Isabella was so happy that she didn't get pinched on St. Patricks day. David has decided that he wants to partner up with me in the business and so he is now going thru the training. After seeing how I've done we are really starting to think about the potential. Yesterday it reached a freakish71 degrees and while outside Isabella was really psyched to find our Peonies are starting to sprout. She called me over to see the little purple buds coming out of the ground and then we went hunting for more signs of spring. Next should be some crocus's in the back yard and then the tulips next month. That's one of the fun things we do in the spring. We have a lot of perennials that we go scout out to see what is starting to bloom. Hopefully we won't get to much more snow. Last year it snowed after the crocus's started to sprout and she was so bummed that she couldn't see them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

well all is well in the Martinez house . Johnny is now in 3-6 month clothes. It's crazy how fast they grow. Also we found out today that Isabella will be in a play April 1st at 12:30. They are doing a play "the umbrella" and she is going to be a Toucan. She is so stoked. Then on May 19th they are having a school presentation. SO if any of you guys feel like coming let me know.This week during my training session I found out some great information.

I think it is really great for us to know being as we don't drink alcohol that there is a great option that some of you got in your value packs. Its the Provex CV which has powdered organically grown grape skins and extracts packed in a caplet. This is where the anti-aging molecules are found. The science behind this is so great. It makes me wonder how long I can live with all the breakthroughs that are happening.

Also while doing some research I came across this really great program from Canada, It seems to be a weekly Consumer info. TV show. It's really great

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wasn't today a great day. The weather was so ice I think it got up to like what...42. It was sunny and the kids had a blast playing with davey boys cars. They were all hyped up (for the most part) so what better time to take they are. I was browsing some of the informational sites and found another interesting aticle. It reminded me of my Mom because she doesn't handle people with perfume on around her well. She gets headaches and gets sick to her stomach, so if you know my mom keep this in mind when you visit her and she mentions it to you. I remember this one time I got in her car and had put on Bath and Body works lotion , I think it was cocanut lime or something and she got such a headache from being in the same car with me for an hour. honestly I thought it was all in her head. now I know better...I said it once and I'll say it again. it is crazy the chemicals we put on our bodies, Let alone all the ones we ingest.